190 dollars for horns: Switzerland will hold a referendum against livestock dehorning (video)

Nowadays, more than two-thirds of cows are dehorned or don’t have horns because of genetic indicators. Animal rights activists believe that dehorning equates to cruel treatment. This is what a Swiss farmer collected 100,000 signatures for an official petition. On November 25, a referendum against livestock dehorning will take place in Switzerland, writes “Agro-Center”.

The referendum was initiated by a farmer Armin Kapaul. He believes that cows should remain as they are – with horns. Moreover, according to Armin, horns help the animals to control and maintain the necessary body temperature:

“We must respect cows as they are. Leave them their horns! When you look at these animals, they keep their heads high and stand proud. Dehorning makes them sad,”

said Armin.

First, the man appealed to the government in order to protect the animals. He was not taken seriously, and the government didn’t help. Therefore, Armin decided to collect a required number of signatures for a petition and gather a national referendum. As of today, the document was signed by 100 thousand farmers who consider dehorning to be cruel – horns of young cattle are burned with hot iron under anesthesia.

The farmer’s main requirement is that owners of cows with horns are paid $ 190 per each animal. According to Armin, it will help to decrease the number of dehorned cows. Of course, there are those who stand for dehorning as they believe horned animals to be dangerous.

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