A place for a new reserve was found near Kyiv

An unusual place with many Red Book species of animals and plants was found in the Kyiv region.

Agro-Center tells more about it. 

The Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center and the Teterivsky Forestry have found a unique place in the Potashnyansky Forestry in the Kyiv region, where numerous Red Book species live. 

Comment: We have agreed with the management of the Teterivsky forestry that this valuable natural object will be attached to the Burkovitsa reserve“, – noted press service of the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center.

In a swamp with an area of ​​about 50 hectares they found:

  • black stork’s nests;
  • a nest of a lesser spotted eagle;
  • a nest of a stock dove;
  • a nest of a common crane;
  • footprints of a moose.

There are also Red Book plants growing in the area: lesser butterfly-orchid, common spotted orchid, bird’s-nest orchid.

Source: Shotam

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