A court will question a parrot in a murder investigation in Argentina

The bird saw her owner being raped and murdered and told the police about it.

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Details: In Buenos Aires, a court will question the parrot who witnessed the murder of his owner.

The parrot uttered the last words of 46-year-old Elizabeth Toledo, who had been killed in 2018. The main suspects are two out of three residents to whom she rented a room: 51-year-old Miguel Saturinho Rolonv and 62-year-old Jorge Raul Alvarez. The third resident had an alibi at the time of the murder.

While working nearby, a police officer heard a woman screaming. In the room, he found the body of the murdered woman and a cage with a parrot.

According to the victim’s neighbor, he heard the parrot say “Why did you hit me?” when one of the men hit the woman.

Police believe the parrot was repeating the victim’s last words. The accusation is also based on a bite mark on the woman’s forearm, which allegedly fits Rolonv’s teeth imprint. Also, DNA samples of the second suspect were found on the victim’s body.

Source: Correspondent

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