The demand for asparagus increased in Ukraine: How much do farmers make on it?

The demand for asparagus increased in Ukraine.  Growing this vegetable is a profitable business as a half-kilogram bundle costs 125 hryvnias.

Agro-Center tells more about it.

Details: The first Ukrainian asparagus was grown in the Kherson region. Nowadays, two-thirds of asparagus fields are located here. However, the product is not very popular in the region.

One cannot find asparagus among other vegetables at local farmer’s markets. Occasionally, asparagus can be found in some supermarkets. Almost the entire crop is taken to large cities or by mailed to customers directly.

The wholesale price for a kilogram of asparagus from a field near Kyiv is one hundred hryvnias. Intermediaries clean, sort and sell the vegetable. Asparagus is grown on an industrial scale for seven years. It can be harvested only during the fifth year.  All work is manual, which explains the price for the product.

It should be noted that in Dnipro a kilogram of asparagus costs 130 hryvnias. Some people started to grow it themselves in the summer. One bush of seedlings will cost about 25 hryvnias.


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