“Gold coal” is extracted in Vinnytsia region

At Vyshchillingachevska farm (Murovanokurilovetskiy region) they know how to turn ordinary straw left after harvest into an environmental business project. Farm managers Volodymyr Dmitruk and Ruslan Dmitruk came up with an idea to start the production of fuel briquettes.

In general, farmers in Vinnytsya oblast are asked not to burn agricultural remains. After all, it causes damage to the environment: air pollution, destruction of ecosystems, reduction of soil fertility. The production of fuel briquettes is an opportunity to provide people with a new kind of green fuel. Today in Ukraine there are five similar productions, including two in Vinnytsia region.

The initiators of the recycling call straw “gold coal” because during the harvest on the fields there are many agricultural remains which farmers are forbidden to burn. To set up and start production, they first studied how to do it right in the village of Nepadivka of Kozyatynskyi district and contacted the Polish company, which is engaged in the production and installation of equipment for the processing of agricultural remains for the “Gold Coal” project. A purchase of the production cost 5 million 600 thousand hryvnias. There will be six new working places.

Ruslan Dmytruk is convinced that since there is no gas in Murovanokurilovetskiy region and prices for solid fuel and coal are continually rising, straw briquettes are an environmentally friendly and accessible for everyone alternative.

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