A man grows half a ton of green onions each month year-round in the center of Rivne

An entrepreneur in Rivne grows half a ton of green onions in greenhouses each month. He produces and sells the product for a whole year, writes Agro-Center.

An entrepreneur has been engaged in this business for two years:

“I grow green onions in the greenhouses using organic fertilizers. The decision was spontaneous. It gave a good profit after the first attempt,”

– says Roman.

He grows 400-500 kilograms of green onions each month. In addition to onions, Roman grows other products but in smaller quantities.

“We grow onions from October to May. It’s cold outside, but we offer organic green onions”,

– says Roman.

The farmer also believes that agriculture that does not develop in Ukraine is a crime:

“Everything should develop in Ukraine. We have a lot of hardworking people, but there is no government support. People try on their own to the best of their abilities. It is a crime not to develop farming in Ukraine taking to account our fertile lands. I look around at a farmer’s market and see that 80 percent of all greens are brought from China. It’s funny, actually,”

– says the entrepreneur.

The farmer’s products are sold at markets and in stores. If you are interested in Roman’s products, write a comment to the article.

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