Young Ukrainian scientists invented a technology to accelerate the growth of industrial mushrooms

Industrial mushroom growing is gaining popularity among Ukrainian farmers.

Agro-Center tells more about it. 

Recently, mycologists from the Tavriya State Agrotechnological University obtained unexpected results on the use of a water hyacinth called eichhornia.

Scientists have found that eichhornia activates the vegetative development of the mycelium of oyster mushrooms.

Comment:Under the scientific guidance of Irina Bandura, university students conducted the research and found that addition of eichhornia powder accelerates the growth of oyster mushroom mycelium by 1.7 mm per day, which is 23% faster than in the control version. The results are planned to be tested in industrial production, where students will have an internship in the summer”, – wrote the Ukrainian project for business development of fruit and vegetables on their Facebook page.

Experimentally, eichhornia has been grown since 2015 in FG “U Samvela” in the Odessa region. This hyacinth is already actively used as animal and poultry feed, and as silage.

At the moment, lakes listed as “dead”, small rivers, reservoirs, and dirty sewage of domestic and animal waste are now being cleaned with the help of eichhornia.

Source: Agroreview

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