A farmer created a unique invention in Rivne region (VIDEO)

In the village of Myrotyn, Zdolbuniv region, a local farmer made a bug trap that allows to destroy pests quickly and efficiently.

A village dweller Ivan Kupervas says he has assembled a bug trap from scrap metal found on his farm. In Ivan’s family they don’t spray potatoes with chemicals, and killing Colorado beetles manually is expensive and difficult. Several years ago, the farmer outlined the layout of the future invention, and then he patented it.

The bug trap is a small wagon with wings and a box, where pests are supposed to fall. Old pipes and carcass join the parts of the invention. Wings bend potato bushes, shaking the beetles into the box. As a result, the plant is not spoiled, and many beetles are gone.

The inventor assures, in 15 minutes he can clean 20 acres of field. The farmer has a wife and three children. His inventions are mainly made to facilitate work on the field. He developed a blender for his wife by placing a drill into a water can.

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