Woman farmer in France works on a pink tractor with a home cinema and a leather car interior

French woman, Caroline Devon works on a farm not far from Belgium. She operates on a pink tractor Valtra N163 with a leather car interior, tuning, and subwoofers.

Caroline saw her tractor at an exhibition in Belgium and has been using it for several years now. Inside, the tractor is equipped with mirrors, has red leather interior and a subwoofer. There is also a home theater in there. Therefore, Caroline often takes children to work (9-year-old Maxim, 7-year-old Justin, and 5-month-old Charlotte). She processes 85 hectares of land with the help of this tractor.

After purchasing the tractor, Caroline added the chrome elements and even a small heart around the Valtra logo. The tractor is equipped with heating.

She became a local celebrity after purchasing her pink tractor. Caroline plans to use her newfound fame and create a pink logo to sell her products. Also, she participated in social campaigns dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

She does not regret buying the pink tractor and is convinced that if she could turn back time, she would do it again.


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