Ukrainian Developers Presented an App that Will Help Clean Carpathians from Trash

The developers at the GlobalLogic Lviv office have recently presented their new development called EcoHike. It is a mobile application for cleaning and preserving the Carpathian Mountains, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “”.

According to the authors, the idea for the app came after their ascent to Khom’yak Mountain.

“During the trip, my colleagues saw a lot of trash left by tourists. The place could be cleaned with the help of, for example, cloud and mobile technologies, as a result of joint efforts of many people. That is how we came up with the idea for the platform. We wanted to make the cleaning process more convenient and organized,”

said Yuri Golovanov, GlobalLogic consultant, leader of the EcoHike project.

Development and testing of the product took about a year and now the authors are happy to officially present the project.

EcoHike provides two options for those who care about the environment. If tourists find a place with a lot of trash but cannot clean it themselves, they can mark it on the map, add a description and a picture. Other users can come there, clean the area and change the status in the app.

The authors of the project hope that their platform will help improve the environmental situation in the Carpathians and Ukraine as well.

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