Ukrainian Milk to Be Exported to Saudi Arabia

The competent authorities of Ukraine and Saudi Arabia have agreed on an international veterinary certificate, that opens new horizons in terms of external supplies of Ukrainian milk and dairy products, writes “Agro-Center”.

According to, veterinary certificates for export of milk and dairy products to Bosnia and Herzegovina were previously agreed. Also, Ukraine has agreed on similar documents for several other products, including dairy products, with Qatar.

It should be noted that in April of 2019, the sale of most Ukrainian dairy products on the foreign market decreased significantly compared to the same period last year. However, imports have increased, especially in the segment of dairy fats and canned foods, which is a wake-up call for Ukrainian dairy business.

At the same time, deliveries of dried and ultra-pasteurized milk increased. In January-April of 2019, whole milk powder became the leader in terms of production growth.

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