A family farm in Mukachev region welcomes guests with meat delicacies (PHOTO)

Are you tired of conventional tourism with castles, monuments, and museums? Then discover an unusual attraction – Gashpar family’s eco-farm “Fattoria Lombardia”. It is located near the city of Mukachevo in Transcarpathia. Here, both adults and children can observe the pigs of the Hungarian Mangalica breed, sheep, goats, turkeys and other animals. Also, the owners offer to taste the products of their production like dried meat, black bread with Mangalica paste and fresh goat milk.

Farms are becoming an attractive tourist destination. Travelers are curious to look at animals that are grown on farms and their living conditions, and children are delighted with the opportunity to feed the animals, which is often not allowed at zoos. Farms, in addition to the demonstration of their activity, offer guests to taste their products, present the results of their work to visitors. Such an approach is justified: a farm receives income from tourists and visitors can be sure that the products are organic.

The owner of the farm, Alexander Gashpar, spoke about his farm: “Fattoria Lombardia is a family business. It’s not about large-scale production, but rather about hobbies. I’ve always loved to produce various types of sausages, but here I can share the result of my hobby with others and improve my skills. The Egan Ede Foundation helped me turn the farm into a welcoming corner for tourists, and I express my sincere gratitude to them. I’ve built a meeting room where guests can taste meat delicacies for the money the Egan Ede Foundation had provided”.

Visiting “Fattoria Lombardia” will cost 30 hryvnias for adults, and 20 hryvnias for children. You can taste the products manufactured on the farm for 70 hryvnias. Speaking of types of dried sausage, there is Transcarpathian salami (from Mangalica pork), Transcarpathian salami (from beef, with Mangalica pork cubes), fat salami with red pepper. Prosciutto, which has Italian origins, is called “dried shovdar” here and culatello, also from Italy, is called matsyk. Visitors can order and purchase products they liked at “Smachna Hatka” shop (Mukachevo, 16 Berehivska St.).

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