The number of cattle decreased significantly in Ukraine

Ukrainian farmers refuse to breed pigs and cows. In 2018, the lowest in history of modern Ukraine number of cattle and pigs was recorded. Also, two breeds of pigs were lost completely, writes “Agro-Center”.

Last year, at the beginning of December, there were 3.65 million cattle. However, experts say that it is important to take into account the reduction in the number of livestock during the last month of the year. In early 2019, the number of cattle may amount to 3.39 million. The exact figure will be known later.

“It will be by 4% less than on January 1, 2018. The decline was a bit faster on private farms than on agricultural enterprises, but it did not significantly affect the share of cattle on private farms. It remained at 67%,”

said experts.

According to analysts, the number of pigs reduced by 4% over the past year because of the ASF as well as economic factors. Experts say that the number of cattle decreased only on private farms. Large enterprises, on the contrary, have increased the number of cattle.

“A very significant and important point is that this reduction occurred exclusively at the expense of private farms. As of December 1, the number of pigs on private farms decreased by 8.2% compared to 2017, and increased by 1.5%, at large enterprises,”

noted experts.

It is important to mention that statistics on private farms is also disappointing as there are less private farms than before.

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