Frozen bread production in Ukraine

Nowadays, frozen bread is one of the most popular semi-finished products in the world. Therefore, bakers have learned to make about 300 varieties of frozen bread. Recently, the production of frozen bread began is work in Ukraine, writes “Agro-Center”.

The advantage of frozen bread is that it can be stored longer, stays fresh longer and can be cooked right before serving.

The first to produce frozen bread in Ukraine was a “Chanta Mount” plant. Their bread is popular among establishments, where it is impossible to have a full-fledged bakery. The plant sells the bread at supermarket bakeries, shopping centers, street bakeries, gas stations and to food delivery services.

The new plant is really impressive. About 30 tons of ciabatta, French baguettes, and other artisan types of bread are produced per day.

“The plant is really proud of its fermentation department and the department of cold fermentation of the dough,”

said the founder of the company Yuri Trindyuk.

The company plans to develop new recipes for baked goods and export 50% of its products.

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