Living in the Village and Making Money: A Farmer Sells Unique Products

In the village of Stanislavivka, near Kolomya, one hundred livestock are raised on three hectares of land, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “”.

Maxim Chopey, executive director of the Carpathian Development Agency, said that the main feature of the farm is that the sheep of the Roman breed are raised here. The sheep have high-quality wool, milk, and meat.

“Nowadays, animal farming as a business has a considerable economic effect on Carpathian farms, and sheep breeding is developing rapidly. Animal breeding has always been considered an economic profile of the village of Stanislavivka. The idea to start a sheep farm appeared because the conditions are perfect for it here. Sheep breeding, without exaggeration, is a sector of economic growth that contributes to high employment, increased income, and the development of eco-farming,”

said the expert.

Yevhen Ocheretyany, the owner of the farm, shared that he came up with the idea to start a fam a long time ago. However, he began to make his dream a reality after attending a training organized by the Carpathian Development Agency.

“While still in Germany and the United States, I dreamed about moving to the village and starting a farm. I wanted to prove that you can live in a village and also make money. After attending a series of classes organized by the agency, I realized that decentralization offers tremendous opportunities in terms of developing authentic crafts,”

said Yevhen.

The farmer focuses on selling “marble” meat and sheepskins.

“Sheep’s milk is warm and doesn’t allow cancer to develop in animals. Also, before slaughter, the sheep’s body does not secrete adrenaline, which means it doesn’t get into the meat and make it poisonous. Sheep meat is considered to be a high-quality, dietary and organic product,”

added the owner of the farm.

Yevhen is convinced that there shouldn’t be any problems with sales, because the product is considered unique.

“I plan to increase the number of sheep to 300 and to expand the farm to 30 hectares. It will increase profotability and entering the market will become possible”.

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