Family Business: A Family Develops a Farm in the Rivne Region

In the village of Shpaniv, in the Rivne region, a family owns a sturgeon farm and a farmhouse.

“Agro-Center” tells more about it. 

Commentary: The idea came to us unexpectedly. Cyclists often pass by our farm looking for a place to rest. So, we decided to equip the area for travelers. They can now rest in the pergola under grapevines. They can also play tennis in the gazebo,” said Yaroslav Palamarchuk.

Details: The farm “Nadiya” is located on the tourist green route “Medove Kolo”.

Starting this summer, tourists will have an opportunity to stay on the farm overnight. Tourists can watch sturgeons in an artificial pond, walk across a blackberry field and sleep in a special apitherapy house with bees.

Tourists can not only see the house but also get an apitherapy treatment.

Source: LandLord 

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