A 61-year-old farmer in overalls won a professional marathon (video)

A super marathon, which is considered one of the most exhausting in the world, is held each year in Australia. World class athletes run from Sydney to Melbourne for six days, covering 875 kilometers. In 1983, a 61-year-old farmer in his overalls and rural boots took part in a marathon and won, writes Agro-Center.

Athletes under the age of 30 years are trained before the marathon and sponsored by the world’s largest brands. Large companies such as Nike provide sneakers and uniforms. In 1983, when the 61-year-old farmer Cliff Young appeared at the start, runners said:

“You are crazy, you won’t be able to reach the finish line”.

The farmer replied:

“No, I will be able to do that. I grew up on a farm where we could not afford horses or tractors, and when the storm began, I had to run. We had 2 thousand sheep and 2 thousand acres of land. Sometimes I had to look for them for two or three days. I think I can run in this race”.

At the start, athletes immediately got ahead of Cliff. Some viewers laughed at the farmer because he was not able to start the race right. The whole country watched the marathon on TV. Some viewers feared for the health of the elderly farmer and prayed that he would not die during the race.

The next morning everyone found out that Cliff did not sleep all night. Professional athletes were trained. To complete the race for 6 days, they ran 18 hours and slept 6 hours.

The farmer did not know that. Cliff Young continued to run at night. The farmer ran imaging a sheep that tried to get away in front of him. At night, Cliff Young reached the finish line first, outrunning world-class athletes.


At 61, he didn’t just survive the super marathon. Cliff Young won the race in 5 days and beat the previous record by 9 hours.

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