Starting from April food manufacturers will be checked without a warning

Starting from April 2018, the Law № 2042-VIII “State control carried out in order to verify the compliance of legislation on the safety and quality of food, health, and welfare of animals” will come into force. It will enable state authorities to carry out inspections of food manufacturers without warning, writes Agro-Center.

Currently, a moratorium is imposed on business inspection. The only opportunity to check the company appears when it product harms a consumer. An inspection should be approved by the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the Central Regulatory Service. In practice, it takes 5 months to go from a complaint to the actual visit of inspectors.

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“The most notable is the lack of control in the dairy industry. Fat, butter, milk, and sour cream are diluted with palm oil. We find antibiotics in baby food,” said Maxim Gonchar, chairman of the board of the public organization “Ukrainian Association for Consumer Protection “Consumer Confidence.”

Importers, including European ones, sell low-quality products at the Ukrainian market.

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“The Ukrainians perceive imported goods as high-quality products. However, Polish cheeses we tested were a 100% counterfeit. All products contain fats of non-dairy origin. There is no accompanying documentation: no quality passport, no customs declaration, no transport bill. It’s all a contraband,” said Gonchar, “Why are products illegally entering our market? It is a question for the security service”

Gonchar added that nearly 50% of Ukrainian products are counterfeits, and the number is increasing every year.

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