Transcarpathian farmer grows frost-resistant persimmons

Mikhail Zelda grows eastern persimmons in Kholmovetskaya Gora, the southernmost point in Transcarpathia, writes Agro-Center.

In Transcarpathia, winter temperatures (-25 °C) that are critical for the culture happen every 20-25 years. All varieties grown here are based on wild Virginia persimmon. Hybrid varieties Russian-18, Russian-2, Nikitskaya Bordova, Red hat, and Mider are the most frost-resistant. They should be grown.

“We are now studying the behavior of 18 varieties of Virginia persimmon capable of withstanding frosts up to -36 °C,”

said Michael Zelda.

According to the farmer, during 16 years of observations and experiments, no pests or diseases were found on persimmon trees. Therefore, the garden doesn’t need chemical protection.

“All varieties have time to mature before the frost,” said Michael Zelda.

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