A unique crocodile farm in the Vinnytsia region (video)

There are about 30 reptiles on the crocodile farm in the Vinnytsia region. Some of them are four meters long. The farm owners don’t plan on selling their animals, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Sehodnya”.

Svetlana and Dmitry Bychkovsky started to breed crocodiles ten years ago. They bought animals from circuses, lovers of exotic animals and private zoos. Today, they own up to 30 reptiles. They also grow crocodiles from eggs.

“Crocodiles need higher temperatures and a large reservoir, in which mating takes place. Crocodiles breed by laying eggs. When a female lays eggs, we have put them in an incubator,”

said the owner of the crocodile farm Svetlana Bychkovska.

The owners feed their pets exclusively with fresh and high-quality fodders.

“We give them fish and bulls’ hearts”,

explained Dmitry Bychkovsky.

However, despite being fed with the best foods, sometimes crocodiles become picky. Turtles and snakes live beside the crocodiles. These animals are no less dangerous.

“Cayman turtles are considered quite dangerous. A large one can easily bite off a finger”,

said Dmitry Bychkovsky while holding a turtle in his hands.

Breeding crocodiles is Dmitry’s life’s work. These predators are like children to him. That’s why during his travels around the world, he never tasted their meat, even though it is an ordinary dish in the south of the United States.

“That’s not what our farm is for. It is for species expansion, for preserving species. Our farm is like a small boarding house for crocodiles,”

he assured.

Svetlana and Dmitry don’t sell the crocodiles, even newborns, because they want to preserve endangered species. At the beginning of summer, they plan to open a large reserve for their reptiles near Odessa.

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