Wine May Become Scarce All Over the World

Climate change effects grape varieties and their taste qualities, which means that the taste of wine is changing as well.

“Agro-Center” tells more about it.

Commentary:In a sense, wine is the first marker of the impact of climate change on agriculture, because grapes are very sensitive to the climate,” said Benjamin Cook from Columbia University.

Details: Scientists estimate that nearly 85% of wine regions are at risk as the result of global warming, which affects the taste of grapes, the speed of growth and ripening.

If the average global temperature rises by only 2 degrees, the area suitable for growing grapes will be reduced by 56%. If the worst-case scenario, the average global temperature will rise by 4 degrees and 85% of the land currently in use will become unfit for wine production.

However, scientists believe that grapes will ripen faster, though farmers will have to change grape varieties used in the region. This is already a problem because each variety is created for a specific region.

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