A man who produced fake caviar and sold it under names of famous brands was arrested in Chernivtsi

Before the winter holidays, an underground production of black and red caviar was exposed in Chernivtsi. Counterfeit products were sold at one of the local markets, writes “Agro-Center”.

A man put a mixture of cheap raw materials and low-quality caviar into packages with logos of well-known brands. He was exposed after one of the buyers got food poisoning and reported that an unidentified person at one of the markets sold him low-quality red caviar. The investigators conducted a series of activities in order to expose the man who did this.

The police managed to terminate the activity of the illegal business. During the searches, red and black caviar in packets and canned products with illegally used logos of foreign brands were found and withdrawn, as well as equipment, and materials for packing caviar. In total, 3,500 packages of low-quality caviar were withdrawn.

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