“Not from cats”: The first case of COVID-19 transmission from animal to human was recorded

In the Netherlands, the transmission of the coronavirus from animal to human was recorded for the first time in the world.

Agro-Center tells more about it.

Details: An employee of a specialized farm in the Dutch province of Brabant became infected with a new type of coronavirus COVID-19 from a mink.

The world’s first known case of transmission of the new coronavirus from animal to human was described in a letter to parliament.

It is noted that the minister allegedly admitted the falsity of her previous claims that, although animals can be infected by humans, the animals themselves can only transmit the virus to each other.

However, she added that the Dutch Institute of Public Health still believes the chance of getting the virus from animals is minimal.

The condition of the infected worker was not reported.

Source: Chas Diy

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