Canadians refuse to eat meat

As of today, 6.4 million Canadians have refused to eat meat because of the recommendations of the World Health Organization which state that consuming a meat in large quantities has a negative impact on one’s health, writes “Agro-Center”.

One out of three Canadians tries to eat little or no meat at all. The Canadian Ministry of Health has found that about a third of the population intends to join those who don’t eat meat in the next six months.

Taking care of one’s health and protecting animals are the main reasons why many people refuse to consume meat products. The Canadian Ministry of Health is preparing to release a new nutrition guide – a more vegetarian one. At the beginning of 2018, the Ministry released a guide that recommended to reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products. The World Health Organization also encourages people to do so. In 2015, it was found that bacon, sausage, and other processed meat products could cause cancer.

However, most Canadians still consider meat an important part of a balanced diet and believe it to be necessary for humans.

The ministry conducted a survey in September 2018. 1,027 Canadians took part.



51% of all respondents plan to reduce the amount of meat in their diet in the near future.

Despite this, farming is highly developed in Canada, and animal breeding is dominant. In the country, an average farm has an area of 230 hectares. It is one of the largest average farm size indicators in the world.

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