A migrant from the Donbass started a herbal business in the Kyiv region

Trava.UA is a social enterprise in the Kyiv region, founded by former Donetsk local Maxim Potapchuk. Nowadays, the man grows and sells herbs, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Business-Skhid”.

Maxim Potapchuk was born and raised in Donetsk. His father and grandfather were engaged in growing herbs. They passed their knowledge of medicinal plants to Maxim.

“I began to develop my own business in Donetsk. It is not always easy to find certain medicinal plants in pharmacies. I owned land and thought “Why not use it and make some money?”

shared Maxim.

Maxim got into one of the Kiev hospitals after being injured at protests that took place in Donetsk. The man was forced to suspend his business. After recovering from the injury, he decided to devote himself to a new direction – volunteering. Maxim started helping children who were affected by the war.

The International Volunteer Project “Vyshyti mriyi” encouraged Maxim to renew his business.

“We bought a small cottage in the Fastiv district. We call it “Shevchenkivskaya”. We have a plot of land, about one hectare, where we grow thyme, chamomile, oregano, coriander, and other herbs and spices,”

said the farmer.

Maxim uses his family recipes to make his product. At first, his buyers were friends and relatives, and now the farmer’s herbs are sold in Kharkiv, Kiev, Eastern, and Western Ukraine.

Maxim is engaged in organic production not for profit only but for the promotion of farming and small businesses as well. It is a good example of a social enterprise. He is going to invest 10% of his income in study opportunities for 10-11 grade students who are looking for their place in the world and dream about creating their own businesses.

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