Black caviar from Lviv: A farmer breeds sturgeons and produces black caviar

A farmer from the Lviv region has been breeding sturgeons for black caviar for three years.

Agro-Center tells more about it. 

Commentary:The farm occupies 172 hectares, of which 136 hectares is water. In addition to sturgeon, the owner also breeds walleyes, perches, carps, white cupid and silver carps. The expenses include the purchase of fish and fodder. According to Oleg Gabuda, one needs 500 kilograms of fish per hectare of water. Prices differ. For example, carp costs 25 thousand UAH per hectare of water. Plus, another 10,000 dollars for fodder“, – said farmer.

Details: The farmer grows sturgeon for black caviar in the Lviv region. He will get the first caviar in 2020 if the conditions for growing fish are favorable.

The farm has a closed production cycle. Fish grows in natural conditions and is, therefore, in demand both in trade establishments and restaurants. In 2020, the farm can make up to 30 thousand UAH per hectare.

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