Mother and daughter from Rivne region сreated a brand of hemp сlothes

Fashion designers from Vladimirets created an eco-brand of clothing made from hemp.

Agro-Center tells more about it. 

Commentary:Nowadays, the market offers many fabrics, but unfortunately, the vast majority are synthetic. Therefore, we decided to make clothes from hemp cloth. It’s an eco-friendly, natural fabric that has been used for making clothes for hundreds of years. It is hypoallergenic and breathable. Clothes made from hemp are comfortable to wear even in summer when temperatures are high“, – said Jennifer-Irene, one of the founders of the brand.

Details: In the Vladimirets district, mother Irina Tovt and her daughter Jennifer-Irene Tovt make hemp clothes for their eco-brand.

The women called their brand “BABA”.

The hemp fabric is sold on the Internet and bought by enterprises all over Ukraine, mostly from Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Poltava and Odesa regions. However, some domestic producers add cotton or wool to make production cheaper. 

The women get orders from all over Ukraine, as well as Turkey and some neighboring countries.

Source: Holos Ukrainy 

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