Worm Farms: Insects Are Bread Instead of Livestock in Europe

In Europe, more and more people are starting to eat insects and worms. Therefore, farmers began actively growing the “delicacies”.

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Commentary:There are four stages of development of a worm: egg, larva, puppet, beetle. Then beetles lay eggs again. Insects live in plastic boxes. The eat finely ground cereal mix, carrots, cabbage. I grow 2 tons of insects per month. A kilo of larvae costs over 3,500 hryvnias,” said the farmer Dorte Svenstrup.

Details: Candy, bread, cookies, and sauces with worms can be found in European supermarkets. Nowadays, these products are popular among athletes because larvae contain protein.

Scientists report that adult larvae are a source of protein, sodium, iron, copper, zinc. The amount of protein that humans get from insects is the same as that meat. However, insects eat 12 times less.

According to the UN, more than 2 million people in the world eat insects.

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