A record amount of milk milked in the Ternopil region

Record productivity of the dairy herd was recorded one of the farms in the Ternopil region. In 2018, they managed to get an average of 10765 kg of milk from each cow, writes “Agro-Center”.

The amount of milk received from cows by dairy industry leaders in the Ternopil region amounted to 8-8.6 thousand kg. An average amount of milk received from a cow in Ukraine per year, as of January 1, 2019, is 6054.

The farm-record holder from the village of Skoryki bets on female cows of the Holstein Friesian breed. 400 cows were imported from Germany in 2016, and 500 – last year. One cow of this breed gives 37-38 kg of milk per day. In 2018, LLC “Ukraine” began its work at another livestock complex for 1200 heads of cattle, including 600 cows.

Many dairy factories compete for the right to process high-quality milk from the village of Skoryki.

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