A vacation on a farm: farm tourism is gaining popularity in Finland

More than 11,000 people have sent applications to the Forest Office of Finland in order to spend some time on Lapland’s farms and take care of livestock there in the summer. Farm tourism is gaining popularity in the country. In 2018, fewer people (by one and a half times) were willing to spend a vacation in a village, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “AgroNews”.

Finns are ready to work and pay for the opportunity! Proponents of this type of tourism rent a farm where owners breed cows, sheep or goats, and take care of the animals for a week. Renting a farm costs from 350 to 500 euros. It can accommodate from two to eight people. Sometimes, whole families come.

Those who wish to become shepherds for a week can choose specific dates and one out of 14 grazing places, reports the YLE news service. The most popular among tourists are pastures in the reserves of Lapland and the national park of Koli. Fewer people want to go to cheaper but windy shores of the Gulf of Bothnia.

It is worth noting that during a vacation on a farm conditions are quite harsh. In some places, there are wells, and in others, one has to walk a kilometer to the nearest lake. Almost every farm has a sauna, but there might be no electricity. However, tourists still come for clean air, quiet and organic products.

Shepherd’s responsibilities include basic animal care. At night, the cattle must be assembled in order to protect them from numerous predators. Beginners who do not have experience in animal care are instructed. The Finnish Forestry Office, which owns these farms, is responsible for the animals remains. Income from farm tourism is used for the development of reserves.

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