A farmer from Vinnytsia is creating a new breed of cows (video)

A natural dairy farm “Azorel” is operating in the Vinnytsia region, in the village of Mukhivtsi of the Nemyriv district. Livestock is grown and kept there according to special technologies that allow receiving exclusively natural products, writes “Agro-Center”.

On the farm, animals move freely and have constant access to food and water. There’s always fresh air in barns due to high ceilings.

The main work process on the farm began in 2009.

“It all started with 5 cows brought from Crimea. After that, we began to work with the French on genetics and the issue of processing the products. In fact, from the first day, we got the right to sell raw milk,”

said the director, Sergei Dovgy.

The animals’ diet is extremely important for receiving high-quality milk. On the farm, cows are fed with corn, alfalfa hay, and concentrated fodder – wheat, barley, corn.

“Since we produce raw milk, we stick to monotonous feeding all year round. This allows to get stable milk quality, stable fatness and so on,”

explained Sergey.

Today, there are 80 cows on the farm, and one room can accommodate up to 40 animals. In one day, cows can give from 20-30 liters of milk. According to the farmer, to be healthy and happy a cow needs high-quality water, fresh air, and good fodder.

“Letting the animals walk freely makes it possible to combine these three factors. A cow decides what it needs at the moment,”

said the farmer.

On the farm, they are actively working with French genetics in order to create a new for Ukraine breed of cows “Montbéliarde”. This breed gives milk with high protein content, which is very important when making cheese.

Despite the fact that the products made on the farm “Azorel” are completely natural, the owners don’t have an organic certificate.

“Maybe it is because Ukrainian laws about organic production are incomplete and people here don’t quite understand what “organic” means. The culture of consumption is growing in Ukraine. People demand high-quality products,”

said Sergey.

On the farm, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are made right away from fresh milk.

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