Pet Care service will operate in Lviv during the coronavirus pandemic

An animal care service will operate in Lviv for those people who get sick and there is no one to look after their pets.

Agro-Center tells more about it.

Comment:LLP “Lev” will look after animals by feeding, washing and going for walks with them. In the beginning, animals will be disinfected, because if their owner is sick, the virus may remain on a pet’s wool for some time“, – said Andrey Sadovy.

Details: Andriy Sadovyi, the Mayor of Lviv, said many lonely senior locals have pets.

What will happen to pets if their owners are hospitalized during the pandemic?

The service is free, but people need to take care of it in advance.

Pet owners must sign an agreement and determine a trusted person who will provide access to their house or apartment.

Andriy Sadovyi added that elderly people can count on the service even if they are not sick. The workers will come and help with walking the pets.

Source: Channel 24 

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