Ukrainian farmer makes 100 thousand hryvnias by growing tobacco

A farmer from the Lviv region proves that growing tobacco is much more profitable than any other niche crop.

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Comment:It is important to plant tobacco in the warm soil when the plant has two true leaves. Tobacco grows very slowly, so it is necessary to sow the seeds three months before replanting”, – said the farmer’s wife Olga Pokotilo.

Details: Farmer Valeriy Pokotilo and his wife Olga have been growing tobacco for five years. They start preparing the soil with organic fertilizers in autumn.

According to the farmer, a tobacco crop will be good if the area had been previously used to grow winter wheat or barley.

The seeds are sown in boxes with compost and soil for seedlings. Seedlings will appear in two weeks. Tobacco needs moderate irrigation – a lack or excess of water can kill the seedlings.

Last year, the farmer harvested 20 centners of tobacco per hectare. He sold the product to cigarette manufacturers at 55 UAH per kilogram. In total, Valeriy got 100 thousand UAH of net profit.

Source: Agro-business

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