How does coronavirus affect small farmers?

Quarantine restrictions on trade have become a serious problem for small farmers who are unable to sell their produce.

Agro-Center tells more about it.

Comment:The spread of the virus in the open air with a relatively small concentration of people is much less than in closed trading networks. It may be appropriate for the government to exclude from the list the ban on the operation of agricultural markets, at least in rural areas. It will allow small communities to maintain the economic activity of the population and support their development“, – said Ivan Fursenko, First Deputy Head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Village Councils.

Details: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government has imposed restrictions on trade for farmers.

According to Ivan Fursenko, in Ukraine, 80% of vegetables are sold at agricultural markets by small rural producers, whose products are not presented in supermarkets.

It is also a question of the survival of pensioners, for whom food markets are an important source of income.

Source: Landlord 

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