A famous actor turned his ranch into a bee reserve

The 81-year-old actor Morgan Freeman wants to transform 50 hectares of his ranch into a bee reserve. The actor got interested in beekeeping in 2014. He told about his new hobby in the “Tonight Show”, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to Forbes.

According to Freeman, saving the bees is a key all environmental problem.

“We don’t even understand that bees are the basis for everything that grows on the planet,”

explained Morgan.

He placed 26 hives on his ranch in Mississippi. There, bees are provided with sugar and water. Blooming trees and plants such as magnolia, lavender, clover and many others are planted for them.

The actor noted that he never wears a protective suit or a hat and he has never been stung by a bee. He feeds them and doesn’t plan on gathering honey or destroying the hives.

Over the past five years, the decline in bee numbers has become one of the key environmental issues. Bees are major pollinators for plants. A decrease in their population can lead to a number of environmental and agricultural problems.

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