Watermelons and Grapes Instead of Potatoes and Beets: New Crops in Cherkasy Region

Nowadays, the weather conditions in the Cherkasy region remind those in the Odessa region due to climate change. Therefore, local farmers are looking for new crops to grow. Some locals started growing crops, typical for the Odessa region: grapes, watermelons, and melons, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Holos Ukrainy”.

In the Cherkasy region, potatoes were replaced by pumpkins. Growing pumpkins requires less cost as there is no need to spray or fertilize them.

Farmers harvest pumpkin seeds and use the rest as humus or for feeding animals.

“Pumpkins are used in cooking and medicine. Delicious and nutritious treats can be made from pumpkins. Moreover, pumpkin is an ingredient of many types of medicine. It is surprising that our processing industry didn’t pay attention to the situation in the villages. Because of global warming, some farmers cannot grow traditional crops,”

said Vladimir Tymoshchuk, who has been growing pumpkins for several years now.

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