Organic Lettuce Is Grown in Lviv Region on an Industrial Scale

“Pershiy organichniy rozsadnik” farm in the Lviv region started growing organic lettuce. Previously, the company specialized in growing raspberries. At the moment, one hectare is allocated for salads. The owners plan to make it five hectares next year, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “AgroTimes”.

The farm offers Leaf, Red, Iceberg, Frisee, and Romaine lettuce. The salads are sown by conveyor, depending on when the owners plan to get a harvest.

“We are already supplying products to supermarkets in Lviv. It is transported to customers cooled to 4-5 degrees. We have a cooling chamber and a car-refrigerator. It allows to cool products on the field, right after harvesting,”

said the founder and head of the farm Andriy Kalynyak.

The “Pershiy organichniy rozsadnik” is the first organic farm in the region to grow lettuce on an industrial scale.

“Partners understand that our products are organic, require special storage conditions and need to be sold quickly,”

said Andrew.

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