Straw eco-houses are gaining popularity in Ukraine

Two friends from Dnipro city created a startup and built eco- friendly straw homes. Their buildings are energy efficient and can be built much faster than more common types of houses.

Artem Ryzhkov got the idea of ​​creating an eco-home. He and his wife sold their apartment and decided to build their own home. The buyer of the flat was mocking them for the idea of building a straw house. Later on, he decided to buy one himself. Artem’s friend joined the project. He also photographed the process.

For the construction of walls, they used straw panels. The house is considered eco-friendly because of the quality of the straw. The straw supplier has a certificate which proves that the raw material wasn’t chemically processed. Therefore, unlike many other building materials, the straw will not release any toxic substances into the air.

Thanks to the airtight contour, the house has high energy efficiency indicators: the walls hold warm air and do not let the cold air get inside. One square meter of this straw panel costs 32 dollars, which is ten times cheaper than in Europe.

There are already a few dozens of straw houses in Ukraine and the demand for them is increasing. Therefore, if you are tired of the city noise and want to have your own home for a very little price – this information is for you.

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