A doomsday bunker for seeds was created in Norway (3D VIDEO)

Mankind is often worried about its future. Global disasters are dangerous both for humans and plants. In order to preserve the seeds from destruction, a World Grain Storehouse was built in Norway.

It is located not far from Longyearbyen. It was officially opened under the auspices of the United Nations in 2008 to preserve the planting material of all the agricultural crops that exist in the world. The bunker has cost Norway 9 million dollars. Each country received its own compartment inside the bunker.

The bunker protects plant seeds from global warming, falling of an asteroid or nuclear war. It is located underground at the depth of 120 meters. The seeds are placed in closed envelopes, which are packed in plastic bags. Those are placed in containers that are located on metal shelves. Low temperatures (-18 degrees Celsius) and limited oxygen access should provide low metabolic activity and slow down the aging of the seeds.

The bunker is located in the permafrost area of ​​the island, where there is low tectonic activity. Take a look at the bunker in the 3D video:

New York Times

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