Organic farming development in the Rivne region

In the Rivne region, two united territorial communities and several agrarian enterprises decided to develop organic farming. The first step was the signing of a memorandum, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Holos Ukrainy”.

Konstantin Sichnyj, the head of the “Organic Ukraine West”, is confident that the initiative will be joined not only by the region’s farmers but also academics.

“European countries are actively developing organic farming and succeeding thanks to a cluster approach. They abandon chemically processed agricultural products in favor of organic. Unfortunately, in our country, only one percent of the agricultural market offers organic produce. Therefore, the creation of a cluster and the development of organic farming is a rather promising direction that needs support,”

said Victor Shcherbachuk, director of the Ukrainian-German company “Dedens Agro “.

Representatives of the company also speak about the benefits of participation in an organic cluster. Sergiy Minich, a member of the Executive Committee of the Klevan united territorial community, noted that due to the participation of Klevan in the cluster, students of a local agricultural lyceum will be able to acquire skills in working with organic agricultural products and, as a result, compete with European specialists.

A representative of the Klevansk community also said that due to the participation in the cluster, the community will be able to dispose of the organic household waste and transform them into compost, which is subsequently planned to be used as fertilizer in the fields of the lyceum. In this way, the community can also solve the environmental problem of burning organic waste from local households.

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