“Spiky business” of twin brothers from Cherkasy region is popular in the world (11 photos)

In Cherkassy region, twin brothers own a business unusual for Ukrainians. They grow cacti. It has been their passion since childhood, writes Agro-Center.

Since third grade, Alexander and Yuri Gavrilenko were interested in cacti. Brothers bought them on the market and tried to grow. The hobby turned into their life’s work. To plant cacti, Alexander moved to the private sector and built a greenhouse. The first cacti appeared in the Cherkasy in the 70’s and were considered unusual. Brothers traveled to neighboring countries and bought exotic species of these plants.

In winter, the farmer heats the greenhouse by burning wood. He maintains only the minimum temperature cause the plants are sleeping and do not need heat. From November to March, Alexander does not even have to water them. Among the farmer’s cacti, there are many unique ones from different parts of the world. The brothers’ seeds and plants are bought all over the world. According to Alexander, there are buyers from Georgia, the Netherlands, and India.

Recently, a farmer bought a new type of cactus, Aztekium valdezias, in Mexico.

“It was discovered 2-3 years ago. I paid 800 hryvnias for each of two seeds. New cactus species appear very often”, – says the man.

In his spare time, Alexander plays guitar and writes songs in the style of Spanish flamenco.

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