Family in the Rivne region makes money by selling flowers (PHOTOS)

Igor and Svetlana Kravets were born in the village of Moschanitsa (Ostrozhchina, Rivne region), settled after marriage and worked in the city of Netishin. After a while, the whole family began to grow flowers.

Svetlana taught at high school, Igor got a job at the Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant’s construction department. They had two daughters – Tanya and Inna. They lived in total understanding, abundance and didn’t plan any changes.

In 1996, due to socio-economic changes, many employees of the Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant construction department lost their jobs. Among them was Igor Kravets. A search for a job led Igor to Poland. There, he liked small greenhouses, where people grew flowers for sale. Next time he went to Poland with his wife Svetlana to study how to establish and run a flower business. In 2000, the family decided to return to their village and grow flowers in Igor’s mother greenhouse.

Their family is one of the first in Ukraine, who began to use the land for the development of floriculture. The family business has become a real delight because they grow flowers to decorate the Earth and give people the joy. Nowadays, they grow a lot of roses as well as many other flowers such as orchids, gerberas, cyclamens, and asters. Family’s yard looks like the Garden of Eden.

The process of growing flowers is so complex and delicate that it ‘s hard to employ workers. Therefore, Igor and Svetlana are the only ones who work in the greenhouses. Their daughters, Tanya and Inna, and sons-in-law, Andrew and Valery, often help. Andrew and Igor Anatolyevich work hard to modernize greenhouses, improve heating and watering systems, introduce chemical protection and nutrition. Sowing seeds, planting seedlings, creating fantastically beautiful compositions for cities and private courtyards, and making bouquets is Svetlana Ivanovna’s and her daughters’ job. Svetlana’s sister Alla and her family are always happy to help as well. Alla and her husband Volodymyr have an agronomic education and assist in a search for scientifically based flower growing technologies. In our country, scientists do not engage in floriculture. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the business by studying the experience of European countries.
I asked Igor Anatolyevich about the obstacles their business had to overcome and whether he is afraid of competition. His answer surprised me because Igor Anatolyevich replied without thinking that when he saw the result of his work, there were no obstacles. However, he worries that there is no Family Business Law in Ukraine, because, in Poland, thanks to such law, hundreds of small family businesses have been formed and are developing the country’s economy.

And as for the competition, Igor is not worried at all. If one of your friends wants to set up a flower business, the Kravets family is willing to help. There are still many abandoned places in our country that need to be cleaned and filled with flowers. According to Kravets family’s philosophy, professional success calls for constant work and believing in the importance of your work. In Ukraine, hundreds of projects can still be realized and provide prosperity and moral satisfaction to their founders. Having talked to Igor and Svetlana, I believed that positive changes are already happening in our country. The Kravets family is happy because they don’t want to have everything and are satisfied with what they have. The secret of their success is that they love the Earth, People, and Flowers …

Galina Shostiuk

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