A giant sunflower grew near the house (PHOTOS)

The largest sunflower (4.2 meters) grew in Ukraine. Although, the record holder was challenged immediately, writes Agro-Center.

The giant plant grows in the village of Plesetske in Vasylkivsky district of the Kyiv region. Vladimir Golovko has grown the sunflower on his land. Sunflower got into the National Register of Records by chance – the owner did not intend to grow the record holder. He did not use any fertilizers, just planted seeds near the house. Now the sunflower looks more like a tree rather than a plant.

The sunflower continues to grow and can reach the height of a three-story building. However, a farmer from Khmelnytskyi has challenged the record holder by declaring that his sunflower is 5 meters high.

The photos of both sunflowers are impressive.

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