“Violet Business”: Women planted 400 varieties of violets in Vinnitsa region (PHOTOS)

Lyudmila Dovgalyuk from the city of Yampol has created a “violet” oasis in Vinnitsa. For 12 years now, a woman has been growing violets.

House, where one of the rooms is equipped with three constructions (each with five shelves for violets), became a big pot for all her plants. Lower shelves are specially created for placement of plants during their flowering. It is cool there, and a flower will blossom much longer.

The woman has to wait for almost a year, and sometimes two years until a leaf turns into a plant. Though, there are varieties that need only 9-10 months to grow.

Lighting is essential for violets. The woman keeps the plants under the bright artificial light of the lamps at night and makes her flowers “sleep” during the day. She does it this way to reduce the cost of electricity, which is cheaper at night.

The woman loves the variety of violets. There are thousands of types, which differ from each other not only in form and color of the flower but also in size of leaves and methods of care.

Lyudmila regularly updates her collection and goes to exhibitions to buy new seedlings. One leaf costs 10-15 hryvnias, but there are also ones that cost 70-100 hryvnias.

The first flowers she planted were Optimara violets. The woman sells her flowers on the market in Yampil and at the “Bjilnitstvo” store on B. Khmelnitsky Street.

Lyudmila can share her experience and knowledge with other flower-lovers at the Vinnytsia regional club of plant lovers “Saintpaulia-Center”.

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