Pumpkins instead of kayaks: a traditional competition was held in Germany

A traditional swimming on pumpkins took place in the city of Lohmar in Germany. Participants had to swim across a local lake on huge pumpkins, which served as kayaks, writes “Agro-Center”.

According to the rules, participants have to cross the lake on pumpkins, which were grown specifically for the purpose. In order to carry the weight of a person, pumpkins must be huge and weigh at least 250 kg.

One of the participants, Meylin Matushek, confessed:

“It was difficult to row against the wind and but the finish line turned out to be quite achievable. I thought it would be much harder to swim on a pumpkin”.

The winners received small prizes: a team victory the prize amounted to 200 euros, and the fastest rower received 300 euros.

Such traditional competitions take place not only in Lohmar but also in Ludwigsburg, which is in Germany, and in the United States.

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