A Danish company released a scooter for working in fields (photo)

A scooter for working in fields was released by a Danish company “Flyvehavren”. In particular, the new scooter is intended for convenient removal of weeds, writes “Agro-Center”.

Currently, two models of the scooter are available: the PGO Hot 50 with a two-stroke engine of 50 cm3 and a starter and Yamaha D’Elight with a four-stroke engine of 125 cm3 and an electric starter. The updated models are different from previous ones as they are compact and have a frame and a seat. Also, the new models are capable of operating at a lower speed, which is convenient for a farmer.

A farmer can also adjust the height of the seat. An operator’s eye line is located above a plant, so it is easier to see and remove high weeds. Here’s how it works: the scooter moves along technical tracks; an operator pulls out high weeds and puts them in a basket on a scooter.

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