Exhaust gases instead of fertilizers: how a German farmer “nourishes” the soil (video)

Increased concentration of carbon dioxide causes the active growth of agricultural crops. When a German farmer learned about it, he decided to try it on his farm, writes “Agro-Center”.

In order to use exhaust gases instead of fertilizers, the farmer constructed a special fan. The fan redirects exhaust gases from the tractor to the ground. According to the farmer, it activates beneficial microorganisms and, therefore, fertilizes the soil.

An Austrian company helped the farmer to develop special equipment. Based on the farmer’s drawings, they designed a special fan that attaches to an exhaust pipe of the tractor.

The farmer tested his new equipment in a cornfield for the first time and was impressed with results.


However, according to scientists from the German State Research Center for Agriculture (LFL), such a method of introducing “gas fertilizers” is not effective and unsafe for the soil. The soil may become infertile after a prolonged exposure to such fertilization process.

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