Scientists created a robot that removes weeds

Scientists from Britain developed a unique robot for the agricultural sector. It is capable of identifying and instantly removing weeds. The robot distinguishes up to 26 varieties of pests, writes “Agro-Center”.

The scientist created the robot at the National Center for Precision Agriculture of Great Britain and named it Hyperweeder. The robot can immediately remove weeds or spray herbicides. It is equipped with an artificial intelligence system and special microlasers.

The current model attaches to the rear of the tractor but scientists plan to refine the design and make it completely independent. The robot has special sensors to recognize weeds. The robot removes weeds with the help of a microlaser by heating the plants to 95°C.

“It will take a long time for agricultural robots to become accessible, widespread and widely used in agriculture. And it is not yet clear whether it will help to minimize the use of herbicides. However, if Hyperweeder proves to be effective, it will significantly reduce the number of pesticides used in the fields and accelerate the implementation of robots,”

add developers.

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