Hutsul bryndza might become world-famous

The geographic indication mark is applied only to a quality product with a long history and production tradition. Many products such as champagne, cognac, Roquefort cheese, parmesan cheese, and many others became popular thanks to this mark. Hutsul bryndza made from sheep milk has all the chances to become the first Ukrainian product with the geographical indication mark, writes “Agro-Center”.

“In Ukraine, Hutsul bryndza made from sheep milk is preparing to become the first product with the geographical indication, recognized in the EU. It is an absolutely authentic product as it is not produced anywhere else. It is cheese made from sheep milk with the help of an enzyme from a stomach of livestock. It is organic and natural, and that’s what makes this product so valuable. The technique of making Hutsul bryndza passed from generation to generation since the XV century. It is time to protect the product with the geographic mark. It will help to promote it in the world market”,

said a representative of the Association of Producers of Traditional Carpathian High-Altitude Cheeses.

Therefore, in the near future (in the spring, according to experts) any European (and they know their cheeses well) will know about a place where Ukrainians produce real Hutsul bryndza and be able to buy tons of it every year.

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