There is mini farm among skyscrapers (VIDEO)

Among lot of skyscrapers in Kyiv there is a small household. The woman who lives there refuses to demolish her mini farm.

Mrs Yurchenko has 4 goats, sheep, more than 100 birds, 11 geese, 10 ducks and around 50 rabbits. New skyscrapers have appeared here from 1991 and the farm is surrounded by them.

“Our lifestyle shows that it’s better then 34-storeyed building. And I think how can they destroy us? How can they destroy this? So I do not consider the offer to demolish my mini farm.”

– said Mrs Yurchenko.

She is not the only one woman who prefers to live in village. A couple of young downshifters moved from capital to Cherkaschina and opened an eco-farm there.

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